Arkivi Projekte

National Committee for Family Farming

Project Background

Partners: Association Community Development Institute; Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia; Federation of farmers of the Republic of Macedonia.

Donor: World Rural Forum

The Project implementation period will be 12 months, from the 01 of October 2016 and the 30 of September 2017.

The overall objective of this initiative is to promote policies at national and regional level that will boost sustainable development of farming systems.

The specific objectives of the NCFF are:

  • Support for development of small family farms;
  • Improvement of the public policies for development of the family farming;
  • Lobbing for adoption of adequate measures by the Government for development of family farming;
  • To emphasize the importance of the family farming in the community and the society;
  • To emphasize the importance of the women in the rural areas and small family farms;
  • To reduce migration from rural to urban areas through the introduction of support measures for farmers.


Southeast Europe Rural Development Platform

Project Background

Platform objectives:

  • Cooperation and networking of CSOs with knowledge and experience in order to jointly help rural development of South East Europe.
  • Platform encourages balanced development of rural areas and thus influenced the improvement of the quality of life in South East Europe.

Platform methods:

  • Advocating interest of rural stakeholders
  • Promotion of LEADER/CLLD approach
  • Capacity building of rural stakeholders
  • Engagement of citizens
  • Analysis and recommendations for rural development policies
  • Promotion of good practices

Platform activities:

  • Regional forums with rural stakeholders/citizens about the possibilities of development of rural areas of SEE (on the trace of rural parliaments); reviewing the progress/condition of rural policies
  • Online thematic forums
  • Rural cafes/5 regional events
  • Workshops/gatherings about new funding opportunities for rural development (NZRCD, Croatia)
  • Meetings with ministries, agencies etc. (making the voice of rural communities better heard in order to improve conditions of rural SEE)
  • Preparation of the 1st Rural Parliament of SEE
  • Presentation of the Platform on 2nd European Rural Parliament
  • Advocacy camp (networking and strengthening advocacy capacities)
  • Develop Training for rural animators based on experiences of members (community development, participatory democracy, advocacy skills…)
  • Consultations, trainings, mentoring rural stakeholders
  • Periodically review report on the progress of rural policies of SEE
  • Conferences/meetings (the recommendations for the future based on the findings of the Periodic reports (ministries, agencies…))
  • Meetings of the Platform
  • Preparation of visibility pack (visual identity, slogan, logo)
  • Preparation and publishing promotional materials
  • Issuing e-newsletter of the Platforms


1.11.2015. – 31.10.2016.


Croatian Rural Development Network – HMRR, Croatia >
Association for Creative Development Waterfall, Croatia >
Deša – Dubrovnik, Croatia >
ODRAZ – Sustainable Community Development, Croatia >
Ibar development association “IDA”, Serbia > facebook/IDA
Rural educational centre, Serbia >
Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina REDAH, Bosnia and Herzegovina >
Centre for Economic and Rural Development – CERD, Bosnia and Herzegovina > facebook/CERD
Rural Development network of MN, Montenegro >
Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia, Macedonia >


National Foundation for Civil Society Development


Marina Koprivnjak, Platform coordinator
tel: +385 (0)1 4655 203

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Hela Sverige SWG


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ul. “Kosta Veselinov” br.3a,
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